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Publication Only
How do I get started?
Simply create an account and agree to the publication terms and conditions on your accounts page. Then send us 10 to 12 images that best represent your work.
  • Images Must be hi-res (atleast 10" x 10" at 300dpi)
  • Images must be submitted via weTransfer to
  • Images Must be submitted via zip (compressed) folder
  • Images and folder must be labeled in the following format:
  • *Changes to your account may take upto 24 hours to process.*

Where will my work be shown?
Publication rights give us the right to display your work on and in the printed publication. We do not have the rights to sell your work with this agreement. Agreeing to these rights does not guarantee you'll be selected.

Will FASMedium make money on my art?
Not directly. We may make commission on any advertisements we sell in the publication. This income allows us to publish the magizine.

If I do not sell my art am I still elidgable for publication?

May I have a copy of the magize.
Yes, but you're responsible for shipping costs. Contact for a shipping quote.