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Commission Only
What do I pay to host my art for sale?
Nothing! it is free to host your art work for sale.

How do i get started?
First, create an account and agree to the commission terms and conditions.
Then send us 10 to 12 images that best represent your work.
Once your account is approved, you may create the listing on via your account page.

  • Images must be .pdf (atleast 40" x 60" at 300dpi) with a 2-inch bleed
    • For directions on how to do this, click here.
    • Listings will not be approved without proper formatting.
  • Images must be submitted via weTransfer to
  • Images Must be submitted via zip (compressed) folder
  • Images and fold must be titles in the following format:
  • *Account approval may take up-to two buiness days, after which you may create your listings.*

How are the copy-rights divided?
You may see the full agreement, here
The short hand of it is:
  • While your art is listed with FASMedium, it may not be sold in any other medium, digital or phyiscal
  • Once your listing is removed, you retian 100% of the rights, and we may no longer sell your art
  • We may sell your art on this online channel,, in print form in any location, or through our partner shop's online store,

What rights do we have with your work?
We retain the right to reproduce and sell your work in digital and physical form and may use your material for promotional purposes.

where will art your be displayed and shown?
Your art may be shown on, but not limited to, our online store,, our partner's online store, in France and Son the physical shop, in the 135 mailboxes where the publication is offered, on social media, for selling or promotional purposes.

how pay-outs work if/when something sells?
  • You will be cut a check if your art is sold durring an event or in our shop
  • You will recieve your commission via pay-pal for all online sale
  • Physical Checks are cut and mailed on the last day of the month
  • You will always recieve a check for 20% of the profits made

how long the we have the rights to do all of these things?
As long as your art is listed on our website, we retain the above rights. To request a listing be removed, please go to your accounts page and send us a message and email directly.