fasmedium puts your art work in the spot light. simply upload your images and earn commission on print sales. We take care of the rest and let you focus on your art. This page goes over how to:


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format your art

images not properly formatted will be rejected

Formatting Images

When you're finished with this section you'll have 4 images.

  • one 1024 x 1024 pixel thumbnail for the website
  • two hi-res pdf
    • one 20 x 30 inch
    • one 40 x 60 inch
  • one hi-res jepg

Low res images

Begin with the thumbnail image

open adobe indesign and navigate to file -> new -> new document.


You may label this image 'product image'.

create a 1024 pixels x 1024 pixels document.


Drag and drop your final graphic in a 2x3 ratio into the document. Then scale the image to the borders.

do not crop the image. expand it in the center. We expect white space on two of the four sides.

Note: the thin red lines are the bleed, not the border.


Then export your file by going to File -> Export...


Select JpEg as the format and click 'save'.

hi-res images

Again, create a new document

You will repeat this process three times.
twice for the 20 x 30 and 40 x 60 pfd images
and once for the 40 x 60 jpeg.

set your title, width and height, then add a 2-inch bleed


Next, import and scale your image to the red lines.

The excess whitespace, or bleed, will be cut off in the printing process.


This is how your images should line up.


Save all three images in with their respective sizes in the title.

  • 'hi-res PDF 20 x 30'
  • 'hi-res PDF 40 x 60'
  • 'hi-res jpeg 40 x 60'

when you're finished you should have 3 images complete.

submit your ART

Images must be uploaded to:

  • vendor dashboard
  • we-transfer

Create your listing


Your Seller portal link is on your account page. Click that link.


this will bring you to your vendor dashboard. On the top menu find the 'products' drop-down and select 'products listings'.


In the top-right hand corner select "+Add Product" to being adding a product.

you will repeat the following process for both the 20 x 30 and 40 x 60 submissions.


Currently, we are only offering prints in 20 x 30 and 40 x 60.

The title must include the product size.

iE: "artwork title 20 x 30" - - "artwork title 40 x 60".


Next, add the description. We will reject descriptions that are not descriptive enough.


Tags are pre-created. Simply click on the area and select the tags that best apply to your image.


Price requirements:

20 x 30 - $90

40 x 60 - $360

You may ignore the variant area.


Finally, upload your previously created product images.

submit to wetransfer


At this point you've already:

  • created 4 images
  • added 2 product listings

In this section you will finalize your posting by sending us the three hi-res files.


First, take your three hi-res images, put them in a folder create a zipfile of that folder.

save the name of that zip-folder as LastName_firstname.

see the example below:


navigate to https://wetransfer.com/


go to a free account


Add the zip file, and address the email to:

  • editor@fasmedium.com


After you send the documents you're done!